Our brood mares live out in the fields all year round in generous fields where they graze all day long. Nevertheless, they are additionally fed 2 servings of mixed oats (morning and evening) in order for them to constantly be in optimal conditions to carry, develop and feed their offspring.

As of the month of March, we breed all of our mares in order for them to give birth at the end of February the following year and have plenty of freshly grown grass available to graze on. This way, they can provide plenty of nutrients to their foals when they most need it, during the first few months of their lives.

Foals are separated from their mothers when they reach 6 months, and are put in separate fields depending on their sex.


Upon reaching 3 years of age, fillies are separated from the younger animals and are transferred to the mares´ field.


Foals on the other hand, remain at field until they reach 3 and are then stabled and schooled.